Sunday, 28 September 2014

No I really shouldn't...oh go on then!

When I was a kid I was forever in the garden, getting mucky and climbing trees. Then as I got older something seems to change. I became more interested in clothes, shoes and bags - the more the merrier. Now my room is full of clothes, shoes and bags in all different styles and colours. I think I have become a shopaholic :) 

There are times where I do try to resist temptation and convince myself that I don't really need another cardigan/pair of shoes etc but fate has its little way of intervening.

Back in 2008 I went to America for a holiday. Our trip started in Denver, Colorado and while I was there I spotted a gorgeous mustard handbag in Forever 21 (one of my favourite US stores). I told myself that I didn't need it, and walked away, peering over my shoulder at it as I left. Fate just so happened to intervene when we returned to Denver before flying back home. It was the last day of the holiday and no joking as I walked past Forever 21 my handbag literally broke. Not fixable, totally broken. I just had to go back in to Forever 21 and buy the bag I loved...right?! 

Fate intervened again a few weeks ago. I was in a shop and saw a gorgeous mustard coloured satchel style bag (it appears mustard is a running theme! ) and once again I told myself I didn't need it. 

Yesterday I went back into the store and ooh 25% discount on all clothing, shoes and accessories! Everyone loves a bargain so without even hesitating I claimed one of the bags as my own.

So here it is, my new Autumn bag. It's the perfect bag for my upcoming birthday outing for afternoon tea - all I need to do now is work out my outfit :) 

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