Monday, 1 September 2014

Hello Autumn

As we enter September we also enter my favourite season - Autumn. Don't get me wrong I like the other seasons, but Autumn has always been my favourite.

Autumn Days

One of my favourite signs of Autumn is when the leaves change colour and fall to the ground- the result being the type of scene you find as a sample screensaver on a computer. 

I love the crispness of the fallen leaves and the child in me will always want to go stomp stomp stomp through them! I love the smell of bonfires in the air- for me it is a comforting smell and one of my favourite aromas.

Food and Drink

After stomping on the leaves and smelling the bonfire filled air there's nothing I love more than coming into the warm and eating and drinking something delicious.

A couple of years ago I taught a girl who was half American and after Thanksgiving she bought me in a slice of homemade Pumpkin Pie. It was delicious! 

Since then I have attempted to make my own using tinned pumpkin- it's become one of my favourite desserts.

To wash down my Pumpkin Pie, I have to have a hot drink- either a hot chocolate or even better, the seasonal Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced Latte. I'm actually addicted to them so it's probably best they are only seasonal! 


I LOVE Halloween! I'd love to go out to America and see the Halloween celebrations out there. My Pinterest is filling with Halloween ideas and I love seeing how people decorate their houses. 

For the past couple of years I have decorated my house- I have loads of Halloween props and I collect pumpkins. I love dressing up too and welcoming Trick or Treaters :) 

Every year I watch Hocus Pocus- it's a Halloween must see!

Bonfire Night

Where I live, bonfire celebrations take place in the local towns and villages each weekend from October onwards. Each weekend a town/village hosts a bonfire procession and fireworks display. I hope to go to my local one again this year- it's very busy but fun to watch! 

Fall Fashion

In the summer I practically live in flip flops and shorts, but in Autumn I love slipping on a pair of boots, skinny jeans, jumper/hoodie and scarf. It's pretty much my everyday look. 

One of my favourite pairs of boots are my Forever 21 cowboy boots I brought back from San Francisco! 

My Birthday

October 26 is my birthday, but this year it is also a special one- I'm turning 30!! Feeling slightly apprehensive about it and I don't have plans for the day itself, but earlier in October I am having a joint 30th celebration with two of my closest friends who also turn 30 in October- we are going with the rest of our closest friends for afternoon tea. An afternoon eating cake and drinking wine with my besties sounds like an afternoon well spent! 

So that is why I love Autumn... What about you?

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