Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Falling into Fall

I previously wrote about what I love about Autumn/ Fall. A major part of that is the clothing. There's something strangely satisfying packing away my summer clothes and reuniting with my old Fall favourites. 

Where I live at the moment the weather is still quite warm- today I was wearing a tshirt, leggings and sandals- but I'm sure when October arrives things will become more Autumnal. Then out will come my comfy sweaters, cardigans, leggings, skinnies, scarves and boots.

Check out my favourite looks (images from Pinterest) 


I love the large jumper here - a very Autumn colour complemented by the accessories and boots. Think I will be looking to buy a jumper in this colour!

My eyes were drawn to the beautiful scarf in this outfit collection - another Autumn colour - and I like how it is linked to the colour of the bag. The pumps are a great alternative to boots and the layers of t-shirt and cardigan make this a great early Autumn outfit if the weather is still mild. 

A friend of mine owns a similar jazzy cardigan like this and I'm desperate to find one of my own. Patterns like this remind me of ski-wear and make me dream of log cabins, skiing and hot chocolate. The simple white vest and plain scarf allows the eye to be drawn to the bold cardigan while the bag and matching boots compliment each other and don't distract from the cardigan.  

I do own grey clothes but I often worry they can look draining, particularly in colder months when my skin isn't tanned. However my eyes were drawn to this outfit due to the texture within the jumper and the yellow within the scarf. Being blonde, I'm not sure how well suited I'd be to the scarf but I can definitely imagine my brunette friends wearing it!

This outfit collection reminded me of France and the effortlessly chic styles I have seen over there. I love how the jumper and bag compliment each other, as do the pumps, scarf and jewellery. The perfect outfit for a wander round Paris with a loved one!

Moving away from the knitwear, this outfit collection reminds me of my uni days. I love all things American so I fell in love with the Brooklyn jumper immediately. I wasn't 100% sure about the trousers as they are not a colour I'd necessarily pick off the rail, but sometimes it's about taking a bold step outside of your fashion comfort zone :)

Told you I like American things ;) I LOVE this jumper! Although I'm not sure about the boots here - I have problems with my ankles so I need more support from boots than these softer ones. The white vest makes an appearance again, showing that key staple items like these can be the basis of many different outfits. 

I was drawn to this outfit collection by the boots - I actually own a pair of cowboy boots like these (bought in Forever 21 in San Francisco a few years ago) and I love the warm socks peeping out the top of them! I am on the look out for a decent denim top - most of the ones I find are too short for my liking. I love the pattern scarf here as it again compliments the boots. At first glance I didn't even notice the warm cardigan! I think I'd pair the cardigan with something else as due to my ME I have trouble controlling my temperature and even sitting here in my t-shirt I'm feeling warm at the thought of layering the cardigan on top of the long sleeved denim shirt! I think I would have the denim shirt unbuttoned with the white vest underneath if I were to wear this look and save the cardigan for another occasion. 

My final look includes this lovely checked shirt. I love shirts like this, especially when the weather is mild. The accessories are perfect. Think I might be looking for a shirt like this too! 

What are your favourite looks for Fall? 

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