Saturday, 6 September 2014

An Alpaca Day

I love alpacas. And llamas. And donkeys. And sheep. Today I was given the opportunity to see these wonderful animals up close. In Hawkhurst, Kent there is a fantastic place called Lightfoot Alpacas, and today was their open day. My parents has been before, but this was my first visit and I was looking forward to seeing who I might meet!

We parked in a nearby field and were instantly greeted by alpacas, popping their heads up to see who had arrived. I loved the different colours and their kind and gentle faces looked so welcoming. 

We wandered up to the main buildings and there were lots of people- its always nice to see people visiting these events, it takes so much effort to host them. 

There was a craft tent selling lots of beautiful things, often made using alpaca wool. My eyes were drawn to some cat toys filled with alpaca wool and cat nip. The kind lady on the stall said they were a real hit with her cat so for the bargain price of 50p I picked up a pack for my girls. 

We then wandered over to the paddocks where we were greeted by gorgeous sheep (I want one!), llamas, more alpacas and donkeys. I was so impressed with how calm all the animals were, despite being surrounded by people. 

We had a little stroll round the paddock seeing the animals before making our way back to the entrance. The open day was free entry with donations to The Hospice in the Weald (
gratefully received. I hope they raised a lot of money! 

When I got home I showed the catnip toys to one of my cats- she seemed to be a big fan! 

Thankyou to everyone involved in today's open day- it was lovely to see all the beautiful animals up close in such a picturesque location!

To find out more about the Lightfoot Alpacas please visit their website: 

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