Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Gluten Free bargains!

I am part of a Gluten Free group on Facebook - shout out to "Gluten Free and Me" *waves frantically*. It is a great place to hear about people's experiences and recommendations for recipes, eating out and products. The other day I spotted a post about Gluten Free food being reduced in Tesco. The trouble with gluten free food is that it is so expensive. My friend summed it up pretty well: "You'd think it would be cheaper considering it hasn't got gluten in!" So naturally, hearing GF food being reduced made my ears prick up! Reading through the comments it seemed like some Tescos didn't have the reduced items but stores that recently held a "Eat Healthy/Live Well" promotion did. Bingo! My local Tesco was one of these stores so today I headed off to see if I was in luck!

Driving home from Tesco I felt like a pirate with a car boot full of treasure! My local store DID have GF food! The priciest item I bought was £1.25 - everything else was under £1! 

Now I'll confess I am a huge biscuit fan and I have resorted to eating non GF biscuits when I craved biscuits (slap on wrist moment I know!) but in considering today's haul was mostly biscuit based I won't be a naughty biscuit eater for a while!

 Enjoy Life Sugar Crisp and choc chip cookies 75p per pack

Udi's Choc chip and pecan cookies and peanut coconut cookies both 75p per pack

Enjoy Life Soft Baked double choc brownies and choc chip cookies 75p per pack

Protein GF bars (choc peanut crunch and choc caramel peanut) 87p per pack

Enjoy Life Cinnamon Raisin Granola  £1.25 per pack.

Meridian Sundried Tomato Cooking Sauce 62p each

Earth Balance Peanut Butter £1 per jar 

Number of items: 18 Cost: £14.10

I've never actually tried any of these before so I will post an update post once I have got munching to review each product but I am rather exciting to try all of these goodies (purely for research purposes of course!)

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