Tuesday, 30 September 2014

In need of a pick me up..

When you are feeling down, what do you do to pick yourself up? Do you watch a favourite movie? Listen to a song? Go for a walk? Phone a friend?

I was feeling down earlier, well in truth I have been feeling down for a while, but whilst sorting through an old musty box from the garage I stumbled upon this old school news book from 1991/1992! For those who didn't do this, when I was at school, every Monday morning started with us writing some news in our books. 

Giddy with excitement in anticipation of what I as a 7 year old classed as news, I settled down with a cup of tea to read. 

Here are some of my favourite entries:

On 9th September 1991 I was pleased to announce that I now owned a bike - purple with TWO wheels no less! Slightly concerned that in my drawing I am not holding onto the handlebars and appear to be wearing a see through skirt! 

Slight early anticipation on 23rd September 1991 as I claim it is nearly my birthday but I don't know what I'm doing- I should think not, my birthday wasn't until October 26! I also appear to have changed into Ariel from the Little Mermaid as I seem to be dancing with Prince Eric and my cat! I was obsessed with the Little Mermaid! 

30th September's news took a more dangerous turn- me falling off my bike as I was too busy looking at my cat. I remember this happening but I cannot confirm if I wasn't holding the handlebars or was wearing a see through skirt (as in my previous bike related entry) at the time of my accident! 

I still remember Joe's party from October 3 1991- it was that good. I danced with a boy- whoop whoop- and clearly I was channeling my inner Simon Cowell- James I am sorry, your singing probably wasn't dreadful (or dredfell as I put it!) 

I clearly resented the fact I didn't stay for tea at Juliet's on the 11th November. Hence my rather aggressive speech bubbles! However I'm sure you will agree my multicoloured dress looks fabulous haha :-) 

If you ever wished to know the contents of my mouth, this drawing from 25th November gives you the answer. I love my innocence and confusion- WHY did the tooth fairy give me money if I swallowed my tooth? I still would like to know...

3rd December announced what was no doubt a wild party involving TWO friends coming over to my house. My 7 year old self would again like to point out my friends came over NOT FOR TEA! Slightly concerned by the 90's fashion and I have no clue why my cat is wearing a crop top, mini skirt and bow! I was a strange child! 

On 13 January 1992 I announced I might be going to Juliet's house. Possibly for tea. Juliet clearly looks thrilled by the prospect! 

Being an only child I had to make my own entertainment. On the 3 February 1992 I was in the process of making a tent which I might be sleeping in. I don't think I did! My teacher clearly wanted to know about my tent making skills, but a magician never reveals their secrets ;) 

It was great to read the things I considered news worthy back in the day. I now think of my poor teacher having to mark 30 news books, if the news was anything like mine :-) 

Needless to say it made me smile and lightened my mood- just what I needed. Now to find the lockable diary I had when I was 11- bet there is some juicy gossip in there....


  1. Hey awesome post!
    I nominated you for the one lovely blog award,
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  2. Awww those pictures are so cute! I do the same thing when I'm down. And I go for a drive...