Saturday, 20 September 2014

Break the habit

Ok I hold my hands up...well actually I won't. You don't want to see my nails because I have a confession. I am a nail biter. I have been since I was a child and now as I near my 30th birthday I am determined to break the habit once and for all. 

I don't really know why I became a nail biter, it just kind of happened. Sometimes it got so bad my poor fingers would be sore and bleed. Not attractive. 

I have tried stopping before and have had some success. After all, I do love having long nails that I can paint pretty colours. I have tried false nails which did look lovely but in the back of my mind I do worry about wearing false nails long term and the effect it could have on my already weak nails. Not forgetting the cost for regular maintenance! 

So I have been going around buying things to try and help- things to condition my nails and make them healthier, things to strengthen the nails and most importantly things to stop me biting them! 

These are my current products- Stop N grow (which tastes gross!) nail and cutie cream which smells lovely, nail strengthener polish, skin, hair and nails tablets (one a day) and Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream. Fingers crossed these will help! 

Are you a former nail biter? Let me know what worked for you! 

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