Sunday, 28 September 2014

But you don't look sick...preparing for my birthday celebration.

One of the common things us spoonies get told is "but you don't look sick". This is because ME falls under the category of "invisible illnesses" - very real, very painful but not always visible. This often leads to comments and judgements being made- some can be laughed off, others are extremely hurtful. 

As much as people's comments can be hurtful there are times where I (and others I'm sure) would welcome the comment "but you don't look sick". Many sufferers are housebound, but for those that can get out now and again the preparation in order to actually get out and look "normal" is incredible. My fantastic fellow spoonie friend Sian wrote a great article on her blog about preparing for a family gathering. I'm sure you will agree she looked fabulous!

Sian's blog post got me thinking. Next month is my birthday as well as the birthdays of two of my dearest friends. We are all turning 30 (eek where has the time gone?!) so we decided to organize a joint celebration prior to all our individual birthdays. We are going to a posh hotel for afternoon tea (blog post will follow about that event!) and I am so excited. This is definitely an occasion where I don't want to look sick... 

There are six of us going and it is a great chance to catch up especially as 3 of the 6 live further away. I know I am likely to crash as a result of this day out but the stubborn side of me is determined to go and enjoy our special day.  Also my friends are utterly fabulous and understanding and will make sure I have regular rest breaks during the day. 

So in the month leading up to our birthday day out, I have been looking into a straight forward beauty routine that won't take hours of preparation.

I haven't thought about my outfit yet, apart from the new boots I bought in preparation, but these are the products I am likely to use on the big day itself: 

My Bag Of Magical MakeUp

As Sian said in her post, preparing your makeup bag in advance is a great idea. There is nothing more annoying than thinking you know where you have put something and you waste time and energy trying to hunt down your missing items. Now I have sorted these items they will be staying in my make up bag! 

My apologies for this awful photo (I know Halloween isn't yet so sorry to scare) but this is often my morning face! Hair a mess, pale skin and generally looking and feeling awful! Make up is definitely essential!

Shower Time!

Thankfully my house has a separate walk in shower. It really is a godsend when I'm in so much pain that I find getting in and out of the bath a challenge. What I like about these products is that if I couldn't manage even the shower, I could still use these products in a bowl when having a wash. 

Soap & Glory Clean on Me: This is a small bottle as it came out of a gift set. I love the miniatures as they are handy for travel but also are just the right size to test a new product - sometimes if we buy a bigger size and don't like it we end up wasting it. Not that I would waste any Soap & Glory product - I love them! It has a lovely smell and made my skin feel lovely.

Ro's Argan Body Conditioner from LUSH: I will hold my hands up - I am a massive LUSH addict. I could easily live in the shop! I love trying new products and I was bought a massive gift set (£100!) as a present. Although it was pricey, it contained 25 items - many of which I may not have initially tried if browsing in the shop. This body conditioner was something I had not tried before but it felt lovely on my skin and I definitely felt pampered after using it. 

Creighton's Keratin Pro Smooth Treatment: I am in the process of trying products to help the condition of my hair which can get dry and break easily. This leaves my hair feeling silky and smooth after using it.  

Nivea Facial Wash Gel: While the conditioning treatment works on my hair, I use this facial was to help my skin. I do come out with a glow and feeling refreshed after using it. 

Avon Dry Ends Serum: Again to help my hair, this serum is applied to the end of my hair after washing and is left in (don't do what I did the first time of using and slosh it on - you end up a sticky mess!). It smells amazing!

After Shower

 Benefit Pore Professionals Balm: A friend of mine loves Benefit makeup so a while ago I treated myself to a make up lesson with a Benefit beautician. This Pore Balm is lovely, smooth and creamy and can be worn without foundation. 

Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation: I was recommended this foundation when I went for my consultation. It is fantastic! I often find with moisturizers I end up with a shiny face, so this foundation is a great alternative. It is matte finish so doesn't leave me looking shiny and is light so my skin can breathe - I often forget I have got it on!

As my birthday tea will be during the day I don't want to go too crazy on the makeup. Once my foundation is done, I tend to just add black eyeliner to the corner of my eyes and black mascara to my lashes. Where possible I like to add waves to my hair using my hair straighteners but I'm not sure whether I will do this on the big day. In my handbag will be my trusty red lipstick though, just in case our day adventure goes into the evening.

Let's hope on the big day I can pull off the "but you don't look sick" look!


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