Thursday, 30 October 2014

Pumpkin Carving

I love Halloween, and pumpkin carving is always part of my Halloween tradition. I like to carve something different each year so this year I decided to buy two smaller pumpkins and carve two different things. 

Before I start carving I like to find the best part of the pumpkin for the face. 

Using my Sharpie, I carefully draw a circle round the stalk- this will be the lid to my jack o lantern. 

After drawing the lid, I then use my Sharpie to draw the face. There are some  great stencils online but I chose to draw freehand. 

This year I used a sharp knife to carve my pumpkin. In the past I have used those pumpkin carving kits, but I often find them flimsy and struggle to use them easily so I didn't even bother to look for them in the shops. I found using the knife far easier, but carve with caution! 

Once I cut the lid off I trimmed off the "pumpkin guts" to make a nice flat lid. 

To make it easier, I use the sharp knife to loosen the insides before I scoop them out.

Once the insides are scraped out, I use the knife to carefully carve the features- be careful when doing this- make sure your fingers aren't holding the part of the pumpkin you are cutting into! 

I know it is tradition to put a candle inside, but I am always a little apprehensive about putting a real candle in, especially with two curious cats lurking! So last year I found some flickering LED battery powered tea lights that do the trick without posing a fire hazard! 

Have you carved a pumpkin this year? I'd love to see your photos! 


  1. Aw they look great! Pumpkin carving is so fun.
    Alex //

  2. Thanks Alex! Loved carving them. Roll on next year! Great blog by the way x