Sunday, 12 October 2014

Anyone for tea...

Quite a few months ago my friends and I were trying to work out what to do for our birthdays. This year we are all turning 30 (where have the years gone?!) so we wanted to do something special! As three of us were turning 30 in October, we decided to get together and have a joint celebration as we wouldn't all be together on our actual birthdays. We chose October 11 as it was the first weekend before our birthdays started (October 18, October 26 and October 31).

So dressed in our glad rags, we headed off to Brighton, on the south coast, for afternoon tea at The Grand Hotel in Brighton. 

Despite the rain on the train over, the weather in Brighton was actually gorgeous! The Grand in Brighton is a beautiful seafront hotel and was bustling with two weddings when we arrived- we spotted a beautiful bride heading to her ceremony and the lobby was filled with ladies in traditional saris- so stunning! 

We headed in to our reserved seating area - it looked amazing and almost felt a shame to use it all! 

We were given a menu of teas to choose from (a whole menu- just for tea! I never knew so many existed!) which were brought out in exquisite silver teapots.

Having only stopped for a Starbucks coffee when we arrived in Brighton we were so hungry and the food at The Grand was incredible! 

We had a selection of sandwiches (smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber, chicken and egg), scones and jam and a selection of cakes. We certainly felt full afterwards! 

We had such a lovely day and it was sad to say goodbye at the end of it all. A day filled with wonderful memories- great food, the best company and even a 30 birthday badge :-) 

Now time to rest and recover for the next event in Birthday Month! 

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