Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Here comes Halloween

One of my favourite things about Autumn is Halloween. Don't get me wrong I am a total wuss when it comes to scary films, but I get quite excited when October approaches and the shops start to stock their Halloween items. 

This year I have been really trying to resist buying more Halloween stuff, I have so much I could probably set up my own shop! While I will talk about this year's Halloween events in a later post, I thought I would look back at previous year's Halloween events.

I can't really remember Halloween as a child, apart from having a plastic witches hat and broom and painting a picture of a pumpkin (which my kitten ran through while it was still wet and covered the kitchen in tiny orange paw prints!). It's only in later years I have really been aware of more Halloween stuff being celebrated here in the UK. We certainly have some catching up to do with our American friends! 

Dressing Up

When I was younger I didn't take so many photos. I'm going to sound really old, but we didn't have smartphones to easily take pictures, we had to take a roll of film to a photo shop and get them developed! So photos were usually limited to birthdays and holidays. 

However a friend of mine uncovered this photo, the earliest Halloween themed picture I have! 

From my uni days- a rubbish bat! 

For my 24th birthday my friend hosted a Halloween bash for me at her house. Another witch costume! 

I love this dress- think it may be making a reappearance this year! 

 These horns actually came with the bat costume. This was Halloween night a couple of years ago- waiting for trick or treaters! 

Last year I pulled together a last minute "Dead Cheerleader" outfit ready to scare the trick or treaters! 


Since my 24th birthday I have been gradually building a Halloween collection and now I have loads of boxes full of decorations. I am obsessed with pumpkins- I think they are cute :) As I have just sold my house I shall miss the trick or treaters and decorating my house but I am sure I will display a few pumpkins :) 

My Halloween Traditions

Every Halloween I watch Hocus Pocus and have a Halloween themed feast using my Halloween plates, bowls and glasses. 

I shall also be pumpkin carving this year and making some pumpkin pie :-) 

Do you celebrate Halloween? What do you like to do? How are you celebrating this year? 

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